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LinkedIn Scheduled Live With StreamWay Events

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Learn how to create LinkedIn Scheduled Live. Grow your audience and reach with LinkedIn! It’s easy to set up with StreamWay.

StreamWay Events allow you to schedule events on LinkedIn at a specific time in the future. This is an amazing feature for businesses and individuals who would like to go live at a certain time and share a link with their audience before the stream.

In order to enable this feature, please make sure that you have a verified LinkedIn account for streaming. You can easily do this by following LinkedIn’s instructions here.

Benefits of using LinkedIn Scheduled Live

  • The event can be scheduled in advance.
  • The link to the event can be shared with your audience in advance.
  • You can manually invite your LinkedIn audience through the event on LinkedIn.
  • Your audience would be able to add the event to their calendar from the LinkedIn page or select the option that they will be attending.

Technical details of the LinkedIn Scheduled Live:

  • The Scheduled Live time is displayed in your local timezone.
  • The date, time, thumbnail, title and descriptions cannot be updated or changed after you create the event.
  • You can start the event 15 minutes before or 2 hours after its scheduled time.
  • If you “miss” your window (15 min before, 2 hr after) to go live, the post will update to say “event cancelled” and no notifications will be sent out.
  • LinkedIn has a limit of 10 Events per day.
  • If you want to delete an event you created, please read more from LinkedIn here.

Creating a scheduled LinkedIn Live with StreamWay Events

1. Head over to your StreamWay Dashboard and click “Add destination“.

2. Follow this guide to add the LinkedIn channel to your StreamWay account.

3. Click on “Schedule Event” on your StreamWay homepage.

4. Choose the way you would like to stream.

5. Fill in the event details and press “Next“.

To have an event page created on LinkedIn, make sure you enable the option to “Create an event page on social platforms“.

6. Choose the destinations you want to go live to and toggle on your LinkedIn profile or page. Then click on “Create Event“.

You can also get the link to the event on LinkedIn by pressing the LinkedIn logo on the event card.

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