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Maximize Reach, Minimize Hassle: Multistream with Ease

Expand Your Reach: Stream to Multiple Social Platforms at Once!

Frustrated by having to choose just one streaming platform?😣 Wish you could connect with your audience on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more – all at the same time?
🎉The MultiStream Plugin for OBS Studio makes it happen.

Simple Installation

Make sure You have OBS studio Installed, (if not, grab it here) and follow these simple steps:

This simple but powerful plugin lets you broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously. Imagine the impact:

  • ⏰Save precious time: Set up your stream once, and let the plugin handle the distribution.

  • 🚀Maximize your reach: Connect with viewers everywhere they love to watch.

  • 🤩Grow your audience: More eyes on your content means more fans and followers.

Watch the video and lean how to


“If you encounter issues with installing the file, then proceed with these steps.”

First Click here to download zip file
Right-click on the zip file and choose “Extract” or “Extract Here.” This action will create a folder with the plugin files.

Find the folder where OBS Studio is installed on your computer.
On Windows, it’s usually something like: C:\Program Files\obs-studio\

Open the extracted folder, and you should see files related to the “Multistream stream way plugin” copy these two files(obs-multi-rtmp or obs-multi-rtmp.dll) and Paste these files into the OBS Studio plugin directory C:\Program Files\obs-studio\obs-plugins\64bit

or Extract Streamway_multistream_plugin into the OBS Studio plugin directory C:\Program Files\obs-studio\data\obs-plugins

If OBS Studio is open, close and reopen it to load the new plugin.

Open OBS Studio & Dock Plugin
  • Navigate to the “Docks” menu and select “Multistream by Streamway”
  • Now Streamway plug-in should be visible into your OBS studio.
  • For convenience, you can Dock it in UI.
Login there are  3 ways to login in Plugin 
  • Login with Phone Number 
  • Login with Email ID
  • OR you can log in with API key

Note:- Your UID and API keys are in Account Settings, You can manually copy and paste them in the plugin. or You’ll get One one-time password on your phone or email o verify. Login with the Email or Phone

Schedule Broadcast and link your destinations from Streamway

If your channels are not connected, follow this basic step from this steps

If you don’t schedule your broadcast first schedule your broadcast from the basic steps 
How to schedule Broadcast 

Select The Broadcast​

Broadcast List TAB
In the Broadcast tab, all your scheduled and ongoing broadcasts are listed, and you can select your broadcast from clicking on SELECT and you are ready to GO LIVE. If you don’t see your broadcast, you can click on Refresh button to reload the list of Broadcasts.

Go Live

In the Go Live tab, all your selected broadcast’s destinations are listed, where you can Start, Stop and End broadcast from this.

  • Start All: – On clicking on START ALL button your stream is started on all your selected destinations.
  • Stop All: – On clicking on STOP ALL button, Live stream is STOPED on all your selected destinations.
    (It will not end broadcast on streaming platforms, its purpose is to if you have any problem like power outage, network issue, OBS crash etc. you can continue existing broadcast by starting again.)
  • End Broadcast: clicking on END BROADCAST button your broadcasting is ended from your selected destinations like YouTube, Facebook etc as well as OBS also stops sending stream.
  • Custom encoding settings:- By default, when you select a broadcast, all destinations are using same master OBS encoder, so output settings like resolution, bitrate are same for all the destinations, if you want to use different settings, you can click on Modify Button for that particular destination. Using Modify button you can also use different encoding settings like bitrate, encoder, video resolution, frame rate etc. but it will add load on CPU or GPU. So, it’s advised to test if your machine can handle multiple encodings before using in production.

Our OBS plugin serves as a bridge between your content and multiple streaming platforms. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast, a creative artist, or a business professional conducting webinars, A church the plugin simplifies the complexities of multistreaming, allowing you to broadcast your content seamlessly to various platforms. It supports a wide array of popular streaming platforms. This versatility enables you to expand your reach without the hassle of switching between different setups for each platform.

Our OBS plugin ensures a user-friendly setup process, eliminating the need for intricate configurations. With a few clicks, you can connect your OBS software to our plugin and unlock the potential to broadcast to multiple platforms effortlessly.

Download our OBS plugin today and elevate your multistreaming experience to new heights.😊😍

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