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Connect Mixcloud to StreamWay

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Can I stream to Mixcloud? How can I add Mixcloud? Simultaneous streaming to YouTube, Mixcloud, Facebook and more.

Mixcloud is an ideal service for people like musicians, DJs, and concert organizers who want to share and monetize their musical content. You can stream to YouTube, Facebook, and Mixcloud from one place! It’s easy to get started with StreamWay.

How to add a Mixcloud channel to StreamWay

Important:Keep in mind that to stream to Mixcloud, you need to have a paid Mixcloud Pro account.

1. Open your Mixcloud live section and click “Broadcast live“.

2. Click Stream key (RTMP) and set up your stream title, tags, and description (optional). Then click Save and Continue.

3. Copy the stream key.

4. Navigate to your StreamWay Dashboard.

5. Click on “Add/Edit Destinations“, select Mixcloud from the list, paste the Stream key provided by Mixcloud, and then click Add Channel.

Happy streaming!

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Connect Mixcloud to StreamWay

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