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Connect Kick to StreamWay

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Follow the steps in this guide to connect Kick to StreamWay.

Kick is a dynamically growing live-streaming platform that caters to gaming and lifestyle content.
Kick lets its content creators keep 95% of their subscription revenue.


  • Resolution: Maximum of 1920 x 1080
  • Bitrate: 1,000kbps to 8,000kbps
  • FPS: Maximum of 60

You can review more of Kick’s streaming recommendations on this page.

Add Kick to StreamWay

  1. Open Kick and go to your Creator Dashboard.
  2. On the left menu, click Settings and then Stream Key.
  3. Click the Create StreamWay Account button.
    StreamWay will open in a separate window where you can sign up or log in. If you’re already logged in, you’ll go directly to the Stream Key popup.
  4. Copy your Channel URL, the Stream URL, and the Stream Key provided by Kick into StreamWay’s popup, then click Add Channel.

Start your Stream

  1. Copy StreamWay’s RTMP details and paste them into the settings of your streaming software, such as OBS.
  2. Start streaming! StreamWay will send the stream to Kick and all of your other enabled channels at the same time.
    Going live from StreamWay Studio instead? Simply enter the Studio on your browser and click Go Live when you’re ready to start streaming.

Helpful Tips

  • Set up your stream info in Kick beforestarting your stream on StreamWay. You can also edit your stream info at any point during your live stream.
  • Once you stop your stream from StreamWay, your stream on Kick will show an offline screen for two minutes while your VOD is processing.
  • You can view chat messages from Kick directly on StreamWay! The reply and relay functions are not yet supported.

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Connect Kick to StreamWay

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