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Connect Twitch to StreamWay

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This guide will walk you through connecting Twitch with StreamWay. Connect Twitch to your StreamWay Dashboard + Video/Audio Requirements.

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In this guide, we will cover setting up your Twitch account, as well as Twitch’s stream requirements! Keep on reading to kick off your first Twitch stream via StreamWay.

Twitch now allows the simultaneous broadcast of streams to other platforms. You can find more information here.

Setting up Twitch

1. Navigate to your StreamWay Dashboard and click the “Add destination” button.

2. Choose “Twitch” from the list of channels.

3. After you choose “Connect Twitch”, you will be redirected to log in to Twitch and an Authentication page. Here, we ask for some basic permissions to help us change the title, description, stream key, and send messages to your chat for you.

4. Choose “Authorize” from the Twitch page.

Twitch is now connected to your StreamWay account!

Stream Requirements

Please follow the requirements to avoid issues with the quality of the broadcast.


  • Codec: H.264 (x264)
  • Mode: Strict CBR
  • Keyframe Interval: 2 seconds
  • Maximum bitrate: 6,000kbs


  • Codec: AAC-LC or MP3, Stereo or Mono
  • Maximum bit rate: 160 kbps (AAC), 128 kbps (MP3)
  • Sampling frequency: any (AAC), 44.1 kHz (MP3)

If you stream to Twitch, the main limiting factor is a maximal bitrate of 6000 kbit/s. If you exceed that Twitch bitrate limitation, you will get the error: 5000, and your viewers will not be able to watch your stream.

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Connect Twitch to StreamWay

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