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How to prepare Zoom meeting for broadcasting with StreamWay

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Learn how to prepare the Zoom meeting for live streaming via StreamWay. Follow the steps in this guide to live stream your meetings.


To utilize Zoom’s custom live streaming feature, you need to meet their criteria:

  • Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account
  • The Host is Licensed
  • Zoom Client version 4.0.29183.0407 or higher on PC
  • Zoom Client version 4.0.29208.0410 or higher on Mac

Enabling Custom Live Streaming for Meetings

You must first configure your Zoom settings to allow live streaming through custom streaming services like StreamWay. To accomplish this, please follow the steps provided below:

  1. Sign in to Zoom on your browser.
  2. Go to your Settings.
  3. Click In Meeting (Advanced) and scroll down to Allow livestreaming of meetings.
  4. Click the Custom Live Streaming Service checkbox, and Save.

Connect Zoom meeting to StreamWay

  1. Sign in to Zoom on your browser.
  2. Click Schedule a Meeting.
  3. Fill in the details of your meeting and click Save.
  4. Click the Live Streaming tab.
  5. Click the Configure Custom Streaming Service button.
  6. Open StreamWay in a separate tab to gather your RTMP details.
    • For connecting to a StreamWay Event, go to your Events page and click RTMP Settings.
    • For a stream without a StreamWay Event, open this page to obtain your URL and stream key.
  7. Go back to Zoom and paste the copied RTMP details into the appropriate fields on the Configure Custom Streaming Service page.
    For the “Live streaming page URL” section, paste the URL to one of the platforms you’ll be streaming to – such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.
    This is a Zoom requirement and it doesn’t matter which one you add here – StreamWay will still send the stream to all of your connected channels.
  8. Click Save to confirm and apply your live streaming settings.
  9. Once you start the meeting, click More and choose Live on Custom Live Streaming Service. That’s it! StreamWay will automatically send your stream to all destinations selected in your StreamWay account.

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How to prepare Zoom meeting for broadcasting with StreamWay

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