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How to stream from iPhone with Wirecast GO

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How to live stream from iPhone? Follow the steps in this guide to start mobile streaming on StreamWay with Wirecast GO application.

Wirecast GO — is an iOS application that allows you to stream from your iPhone.

Important: Any application that allows you to stream to “RTMP Server” can be used with our service

So let’s see how to connect the application. Keep in mind that you need to purchase it!

  1. Start the application and log in.
image 96
  1. Click on the Red sign and open the destination menu.
image 97
  1. Chose “Add new server”
image 98
image 99
  1. Enter your StreamWay RTMP URL from StreamWay to the “URL” field and your StreamWay Key into the “Stream name” field of Wirecast Go.
image 100

Note:In the “Description” field you can type anything and fields “Username” and “Password” are not used in our case.

  1. Just save your server and get ready to go live. You can add more server destinations or edit them anytime. Click on the server itself to start a broadcast!
image 102

Tip:You can see stream status and some data in the app.

  1. As soon as your stream started StreamWay will do the rest!

Tip: Do not forget to add and enable all the platforms you want to stream to on the StreamWay dashboard.

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How to stream from iPhone with Wirecast GO

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