Did You Know?

Stream Smart, Stream Wide: Multistream with Confidence

What is StreamWay?

StreamWay is a powerful live streaming service that allows you to broadcast live content to multiple streaming channels simultaneously. With just one StreamWay account, you can choose from over 30 platforms to stream to at once, including YouTube, Facebook, X,

Do I need special equipment to use StreamWay?

You don’t need special equipment to use StreamWay, just a standard webcam and microphone. Depending on how you use StreamWay, you may also need streaming software or an encoder, such as OBS Studio. However, you don’t need any software to

Are there any limitations regarding streaming hours and/or quality?

There are no limitations on the number of hours you can stream! We also do not limit your quality (such as bitrate, etc.) in any way, even with our free plan.

Does streaming to multiple channels require extra bandwidth?

Not at all! Our servers do all the work needed to duplicate your stream and cast it to all connected platforms simultaneously, with no additional speed needed!

Can I use StreamWay for free?

We have different subscription plans to cover all your needs. The StreamWay Basic plan is free. Check out our pricing plans and features.

Can I stream to my website with StreamWay?

Yes! StreamWay offers an HTML code to help you embed your stream directly on your website.