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How to Connect OBS to StreamWay

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Learn how to start live streaming with Streamway. Follow this simple guide to go live in no time with obs!

Streamway makes it easy to broadcast live content to your favorite platforms. Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, and other popular platforms all at once, from one account.

Hello and welcome to Streamway!

OBS Studio is an awesome free-to-use and open-source streaming option! This guide will show you how to download, install, set up, and connect it to StreamWay!

Schedule Live Stream in StreamWay

  1. Log In to Streamway:
  2. Navigate to Home Tab:
    • Once logged in, go to the Home tab section.
  3. Click on Schedule Event:
    • Within the Home tab, locate and click on the “Schedule Event” option.
OBS Studio
  1. Fill in Event Details:
    • Enter the title and description for your event.
    • Upload a thumbnail for your event.
    • Choose or create a template for future use.
image 1
  1. Click Next:
    • After inputting event details, click on the “Next” button.
  2. Choose Destinations and Set Date/Time:
    • Select the destinations where you want to broadcast.
    • Set the date and time for your scheduled event.
  1. Click on Create Event:
    • Once destinations and timing are set, click on the “Create Event” button.
  2. View Upcoming Events in Dashboard:
    • After creating the event, check your Dashboard to view a list of upcoming events.
image 3
  1. Get URL and Key:
    • To obtain the necessary streaming details, click on “RTMP Settings.”
    • In the RTMP Settings window, you can copy the URL and key needed for your broadcast.
    • RTMP Backup If the primary RTMP URL and Key are not functioning, the RTMP Backup URL and Key can be employed as an alternative.
image 4
  1. Copy URL and Key:
    • Paste the copied URL and key into OBS Studio.
  2. Configure OBS Studio:
    • Open OBS Studio and navigate to the settings.
    • Click on “Stream” in the settings menu.
    • Paste the URL and key copied from Streamway into the designated fields.
    • Click “OK” to save the streaming settings.
Screenshot 2024 01 01 161739 2

Start Broadcast

  1. You can initiate the broadcast from OBS Studio.
    • In OBS Studio, click on the “Start Streaming” button.
Screenshot 2024 01 01 162206

End Broadcast

  1. Terminate the broadcast either from OBS Studio or Streamway Dashboard.
    • In OBS Studio, click on the “Stop Streaming” button.
Screenshot 2024 01 01 162246
  • Similarly, on the Streamway Dashboard, locate your ongoing broadcast and click on “End Broadcast.”

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How to Connect OBS to StreamWay

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